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Pinyin Keyboard Help

The Pinyin Keyboard Package provides a simple method of entering accented Pinyin for all Unicode-aware applications. Simply type the pinyin using tone numbers and as soon as a number is typed, the syllable will be changed to the accented form.

You may enter either u: or v for ü.

The font that is used must include all of the accented vowels required by pinyin, at the correct Unicode code points.

The keyboard also supports direct entry of both standard and surrogate pair (supplementary plane) Unicode characters, by entering the hexadecimal Unicode codepoint using the format U+nnnn (or U+nnnnn). This can be especially helpful for entering supplementary plane characters or any characters that may not be recognized by the input method being used. However, note that in general, older applications do not support the display of supplementary plane characters.

For a keyboard for Simplified Chinese that includes an Input Method Extension for selecting Han characters, please use either the CS-Pinyin or the CS-Pinyin Demo package.

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