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Poorna Malayalam Typewriter Keyboard Help

Poorna Malayalam Typewriter keyboard is a complete Malayalam unicode character set keyboard. The key mapping of this keyboard is an extended version of the Malayalam Typewriter layout. Visit for more information.

Keyboard Layout

Poorna Malayalam Typewriter Keyboard Key Mappings

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This keyboard consists of four layers. The above layout is structured as follows:

  • Left Bottom : Unshifted
  • Left Top : Shifted
  • Right Bottom : AltGr (Right Alt)
  • Right Top : AltGr (Right Alt)+Shift

Desktop Keyboard Layout

Mobile/Tablet Keyboard Layout


In the case of key d :

  • d → ക (U+0D15 : MALAYALAM LETTER KA)
  • Shift + d → ഖ (U+0D16 : MALAYALAM LETTER KHA)
  • AltGr + d → ഽ (U+0D3D : MALAYALAM SIGN AVAGRAHA)
  • AltGr + Shift + d → ഁ (U+0D01 : MALAYALAM SIGN CANDRABINDU)

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