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Rossel Keyboard Help

This keyboard package works with the Keyman app so you can type the special characters in the Rossel language easily.
The language code is YLE, short for Yele or Yélî dnye.

To make the special Rossel characters, we use dot or full stop (.) or comma (,) or apostrophe () before the ordinary letters.
To get characters
in the left column in the table, type the sequence of keys in the right column.

To get this

Type these characters in sequence









,e or ’e


,o or ’o


,n or ’n

These work for capital letters as well.

To get: Mw:ââkó a tîdê mbwó yoo, Ńêpa angênté a tóó?
Type : Mw...a.ak,o a mbw’o yoo, ’N.epa ang.ent,e a t,o’o?

For “your thing” in the Jinjo dialect, type “=” first, so
For my bushknife type “a taa” and for your bushknife type “=naa” to get ṉaa.

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