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Sahaptin/Ichishkíin (Yakima) Keyboard Help

This keyboard is a great way to continue practicing and using your Ichishkíin Sɨ́nwit.

Áwx̱i mash wa, congratulations!

Phone & Tablet Keyboard

This version of the phone keyboard has a key button for every base letter, with slight modifications for accents or hard letters as long key-presses. Latin Digits (0-9) are available on the "123" button with many other symbols and characters

Computer Keyboard

The desktop and laptop keyboard focuses on only Ichishkíin letters. Only letters shared with the Ichishkíin alphabet are going to be functional, so typing letters like "e", "g", etc., will not work. Some symbols will also not work, as they are not shared with the phone keyboard attached to this file as well. Please consult the image maps below to figure out which are included and which are not. It includes an on-screen keyboard which can be viewed by clicking on the Keyman icon and selecting the On Screen Keyboard menu item to provide support while typing.

Many special characters, like accented vowels or barred characters (like ɬ), will appear by holding the ALT key and pressing the button. Some keys have been repurposed: the barred ɨ letter (and accented version) will be accessible through the "o" button and the "ch" letter is mapped onto the "c" button, both of which do not exist on their own in Yakima Ichishkíin. The barred x̱ character is mapped to the regular x button due to its high frequency, but the regular x can be accessed by holding the ALT key and pressing the "x" button.

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