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Bengali-Assamese Phonetic (SIL) Keyboard

Keyboard layout

Default (unshifted)

Default (unshifted) state


Shift state

Other input sequences

Additional characters can be typed using the q key.

Type Character Codepoint
q a U+0985
q A U+0986
q i U+0987
q I U+0988
q u U+0989
q U U+098A
q r U+09F0
q l U+098C
q e U+098F
q E U+0990
q o U+0993
q O U+0994
q v U+09DC
q V U+09DD
q y U+09DF
q R U+09E0
q L U+09E1
q : U+0983
q t U+09CE
q . U+09F7

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