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Busa Keyboard Help

This package includes a keyboard called: Busa designed for use with Boko, Bokobaru and Busa and related languages.

Key Combinations

Shift + 2ɑAlt + @@
Shift + 3ɡAlt + ##
Shift + 6ŋAlt + 6Ŋ
Alt + cçAlt + CÇ

Diacritic Combinations

Alt + 2◌̣
Alt + g◌̂
Alt + h◌̀
Alt + j◌́
Alt + k◌̃
Alt + l◌̃̀
Alt + ;◌̃́
Alt + '◌̃̄
Alt + /◌̄


The fonts Doulos SIL or Charis SIL work well with this keyboard. Charis SIL is part of this keyboard package.

Keyboard Layout

The keyboard layout is displayed below in Keyboard graphics.

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