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Tawallammat Tifinagh (SIL) Keyboard Help

This keyboard was developed to input characters for Tifinagh scripts. You can use this keyboard with any Tifinagh Unicode font.

For typing in the Tawallammat Tamajaq language, we highly recommend the Tagmukay font at This font has the required characters and bi-consonant ligatures for Tawallammat.


The three states of the Tawallammat Tifinagh Keyman keyboard for the Tagmukay font are illustrated below. The black characters show characters found in the Tagmukay font. For bi-consonant ligatures, type the "consonant joiner" between two consonants. For example, press the following keys in sequence: , , and to get the ligature. Support for bi-consonants will be dependent on the font you use.

Default (Unshifted)

Tawallammat Tifinagh (SIL) Keyboard: default (unshifted)


Tawallammat Tifinagh (SIL) Keyboard: shift

Right ALT

Tawallammat Tifinagh (SIL) Keyboard: ralt

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