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Yorùbá 8 Keyboard Help

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Yorùbá 8 is a simple Unicode keyboard for the Yorùbá language, with the option to use either the modern dot or the traditional bar under the letters |, |, and |.


The Yorùbá 8 keyboard is adaptive. The arrangement of keys in Yorùbá 8 will adapt to your default Windows layout. For example, you can find the ´ (acute accent) on the ] key on your keyboard, no matter whether you are using an English(QWERTY), a German (QWERTZ), or a French (AZERTY) keyboard.

You can type all of the special Yorùbá letters with a single key using this keyboard. Here is how:

Key Accent
q gb
z or
x or
v or

You can chose with this keyboard whether to use the traditional bar form or the modern dot form of the letters |, |, and |. When the keyboard is on, type Ctrl+. to switch between the dot form and the bar form of the letters. Keyman Desktop remembers your choice whenever you return to use the keyboard.

You can type all of the Yorùbá accents with this keyboard. Here is how:

Key Accent
[ `
] ´
{ ˆ
} ˇ
| ˉ

Accents are typed after the base leter. Accents can be added to the letters a, e, or , i, m, n, o, or , and u.

Example: type a[ to get à.

Example: type M| to get .

To get the standard output for any key instead of Yorùbá, type the ` first. This is shown as a on the On Screen Keyboard.

Example: type `Q to get Q (instead of GB).

Example: type `{ to get { (instead of ˆ).

Example: type `v to get v (instead of or ).


This is a Unicode keyboard and works with any Unicode font which has support for Yorùbá.

On Screen Keyboard

This keyboard includes an On Screen Keyboard view for easy reference. The On Screen Keyboard displays best on a QWERTY US layout.

Desktop Keyboard Layout

Default (unshifted)

Default (unshifted) state


Shift state

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