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Yorùbá Ìrọ̀rùn Keyboard Help

Explore the world of Yorùbá Ìrọ̀rùn, where language and culture come to life through your keyboard. This unique keyboard layout is designed with you in mind, providing an immersive experience for typing in the enchanting Yorùbá language.

Yorùbá Ìrọ̀rùn Keyboard Layout Yorùbá Ìrọ̀rùn Keyboard Layout

Express Yourself with Ease

The Yorùbá Ìrọ̀rùn keyboard offers a wide range of intuitive key mappings to make typing Yorùbá characters and symbols a breeze. From diacritics to special characters, you'll find it all at your fingertips. For example, pressing [SHIFT RALT+S] or [SHIFT RALT+Z] allows you to effortlessly type 'SH', and [SHIFT RALT+P] or [SHIFT RALT+K] brings 'KP' to your screen. Making it easy to type Beninese and Nigerian Yorùbá alphabet.

Discover Yorùbá Like Never Before

Unlock the beauty of the Yorùbá language with the Yorùbá Ìrọ̀rùn keyboard. You can seamlessly type letters with diacritics like 'ẹ́' or 'ọ́' by using the SHIFT RALT+V and SHIFT RALT+X keys, respectively. Need to type accentuated vowels? Just press [RALT+A] for 'á' and [LALT+I] for 'ì'.

Get Started

Begin your journey with the Yorùbá Ìrọ̀rùn keyboard layout and immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage of the Yorùbá people. Download the keyboard for your preferred operating system and start typing in Yorùbá with ease.

Embrace Yorùbá Today

Join a community of Yorùbá language enthusiasts and linguists who have embraced the Yorùbá Ìrọ̀rùn keyboard as their gateway to a world of expression and communication. Let your words flow effortlessly as you connect with the beauty of the Yorùbá language.

Desktop Keyboard layout

In addition to the keystrokes on keycaps, this keyboard provides access to the grave and acute accents through the "[" and "]" respectively.

Desktop Keyboard Layout

Mobile/Tablet Keyboard Layout

Due to the size and number of keys, some characters are hidden in the long press. Press and hold on the key with a little dot on the top right to reveal and use them.

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