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Keyman Compatibility Mode Utilities


These two small helper utility programs have been created to make it simple for end users to control how Keyman integrates with Chrome and Firefox. As of 21 October 2020, there is a compatibility issue with both of these browsers which prevents normal use of Keyman. When Keyman is run in a compatibility mode, it avoids this compatibility problem.

The Keyman team is working with the Chrome and Firefox teams to resolve this compatibility issue. We recommend re-enabling the default integration once the issue is resolved; see the links at the bottom of this document to follow progress on this.


  1. Download the control_chrome_tsf.exe or control_firefox_tsf.exe program and run it.
  2. You will be prompted to elevate to Administrator, and you will need to allow this to continue.
  3. Read the instructions in the dialog that is presented to you; select Yes to enable the default integration, or select No to disable the default integration and use the compatibility mode.
  4. Once this tool has run, it will close. There will be no further feedback.
  5. You may need to restart your browser for the changes to take effect. You do not need to run the tool again unless you want to change the compatibility mode.


Applies To

  • Keyman Desktop for Windows 11.0 and later versions


This utility adds/removes a setting at HKLM\Software\(Wow6432Node\)Keyman\Keyman Engine\App Integration, called firefox.exe or chrome.exe (type REG_DWORD):

  • if set to 0, this disables the default integration and uses compatibility mode for that executable.
  • if set to 1, this enables the default integration and uses compatibility mode for that executable.
  • if not present, this defaults to the global setting (normally, enabled).

The global setting is HKLM\Software\(Wow6432Node\)Keyman\Keyman Engine, value deep tsf integration (type REG_DWORD). This uses the same values as above. You can opt to set the compatibility mode for just one application or for the whole system. We recommend setting compatibility mode just for the application for which you are experiencing a problem.