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HOWTO: Installation of IBus and Keyman on Arch Linux and derivatives


Problem with dependencies, such as:

"installing pygobject-devel (3.32.1-1) breaks dependency 'pygobject-devel=3.30.4' required by python-gobject".

could be solved by upgrading the system:

sudo pacman -Syyu

Notice: any OS based on Arch Linux needs a regular full upgrade because of rolling release concept.

Install IBus:

sudo pacman -S ibus kimtoy

Run KIMToy from the Application Launcher (use search field). It will add a new icon into the tray, from its menu activate "Autostart", and in "Configure KIMToy" go to the IBus tab:

  • activate "Run IBus at startup"
  • field "Arguments" set to "-drx"

Log-out from the desktop session and log-in again (or restart computer).

Now IBus on itself should work, you could add another layout (e.g. Arabic) and test it in Libre Office. If it does not work, read Arch Linux Wiki.


Keyman is in the Arch User Repository (AUR). (KOSMOS does not provide tools to install applications from AUR, so you need another package manager, for example pamac):

sudo pacman -S vte3 itstool vala gobject-introspection

cd ~
tar xvzf pamac-aur.tar.gz
cd pamac-aur
makepkg -i

Run pamac from the Application Launcher (it is called "Add/Remove Software") or from console (pamac-manager). Go to the Preference menu (button with 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner) and activate "Enable AUR support". Return to the main window and search for "keyman", there should be two applications, install them:

  • keyman 11.0.122-1
  • keyman-onboard 1.4.1

(Packages kmflcomp, libkmfl, ibus-kmfl belong to an old version of Keyman, ignore them.)

Several dependencies of Keyman are not included into KOSMOS system, install them also from pamac:

  • python-numpy (Repositories)
  • python-magic (AUR)
  • python-requests-cache (AUR)

Now all Keyman's utilities should work. Search Application Launcher for "Keyman Keyboards" (km-config) for installing required keyboards. Layout will be automatically added into IBus, if not — restart IBus (right click on the icon in the tray).

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