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My antivirus or security software reports Keyman is a potential key logger, trojan or spyware

NOTE: This archived documentation has not been updated recently and may contain information that is no longer relevant

Most importantly, Keyman is not a trojan, key logger, or spyware.

Tavultesoft do not and will never engage in deceptive software practices, such as spyware, malware, viruses or trojans.

Keyman uses advanced technology to remap your keyboard by trapping keystrokes as they are typed. Unfortunately, some spyware applications use the same basic method of trapping keystrokes as Keyman. Understandably, some security software companies have decided to warn their users when they are using a program that traps keystrokes. This then means that Keyman is falsely identified as spyware by some security software.

Tavultesoft are working with antivirus and security software companies to remedy this. If you come across this situation, please contact Tavultesoft, at, with details of the antivirus or security program that is causing the problem, and we will contact the developer of that software in order to come to a resolution.

Keyman never transmits any data about what you type from your computer. There are two modules in Keyman that include Internet awareness:

  • Automatic Software Updates: Periodically, Keyman checks online at our website for an updated version. Keyman does not send any personally identifiable details in this process. Keyman sends only the following details to the website:
    • The application name - e.g. Keyman or Keyman Developer
    • The current version you are running
    The format of the request is as follows:
    If you would prefer not to have Keyman check for updates automatically, you can turn off automatic updates in the Options tab of Keyman Configuration.

  • Diagnostics: Keyman Configuration includes a diagnostic tool that you can use in order to track down conflicts if they occur. The diagnostic tool collects a number of details about your computer, and presents them on-screen. You can then choose to send these details to Tavultesoft for further assistance. The details of the report include the basic hardware configuration of your computer, the current configuration of Keyman, a list of currently running applications, a list of applications that are configured to start with Windows, and details about which languages you have installed in Windows. This system information report will never be sent to Tavultesoft without your express approval. Tavultesoft Pty Ltd will keep this system information report confidential and will destroy it upon request.

Please also see our Privacy Policy for further information.

## Applies to: * Keyman 5.0 * Keyman 6.0 * Keyman 6.2