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HOWTO: Fix issues with Keyman for macOS not working for some letters

If you experience issues of Keyman working for some base letters but not others, for example diacritics, alternate series, or conjuncts, you may need to reset the security settings for Keyman for macOS on your system.

  1. Visit Configure Security and follow the steps outlined there to manually configure security as required.

  2. If you continue to experience trouble, you may need to issue a manual reset in order for Keyman to be able to process keystrokes. This requires typing a command into the macOS Terminal app (search for Terminal using the macOS search tool). You will be prompted for your macOS login password (or TouchID) to complete the command:

sudo tccutil reset All keyman.inputmethod.Keyman
  1. After running this command, you may need to restart your computer for the settings to be refreshed.