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INFO: Potential issues when upgrading to Keyman for Windows 14 with custom language profiles

When you upgrade to Keyman 14, some language tags may be modified to make them canonical. In the vast majority of cases, this will cause no problems, and Keyman and your apps will continue to work correctly. However, there is one situation where you may need to take additional steps after upgrading to complete the upgrade.

Limits on number of custom language profiles

If you use 3 or 4 custom language profiles (known in Windows as transient language profiles), those that Windows does not have built-in support for, and any of those language profiles have a non-canonical BCP 47 language tag in Keyman 13 or earlier, and you have a Windows keyboard also associated with those language tagas, you may find that Keyman is unable to update all of the keyboard language profiles when upgrading to version 14.


Keyman may be unable to update all language profiles because Windows has a limit of 4 transient language profiles. If all of those are already in use, Keyman will complete the upgrade, but you will need to open Keyman Configuration yourself and decide which language profiles you wish to use. You may need to remove other non-Keyman keyboard layouts in order to have sufficient spare transient language profiles.


For example, you have installed four keyboards that have custom language profiles with Keyman 13.

Language code Keyboard Name(s)
tpi-Latn Tok Pisin, US
und-Latn SIL IPA
hbo-Hebr Galaxie Hebrew Mnemonic
grc-Grek Galaxie Greek Mnemonic

Note that as well as the Keyman 'Tok Pisin' keyboard, you have a Windows "US" keyboard also associated with tpi-Latn.

After upgrading to Keyman 14, you find that you now have the following keyboards:

Language code Keyboard Name
tpi-Latn US
und-Latn SIL IPA
hbo-Hebr-IL Galaxie Hebrew Mnemonic
grc-Grek-GR Galaxie Greek Mnemonic

This has arisen because the upgrade tried to move the Tok Pisin keyboard from tpi-Latn to tpi-PG, as the tpi language code should not specify the Latn writing system according to canonicalization rules.


You can have up to 4 transient language codes in Windows. Choose the codes you wish to use, remove the others, and you should be able to install the language codes using Keyman Configuration's 'Add language' dialog box.