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The Keyman icon in the notification area disappears when you start Word or other Office applications

NOTE: This archived documentation has not been updated recently and may contain information that is no longer relevant


Keyman includes an addin for a new feature in Windows called Text Services Framework (TSF). Microsoft Word 2002 and later versions support TSF. The TSF addin in Keyman switches off the Keyman icon whenever it detects a TSF-aware application, and instead switches on its interface in the Language Bar. You can switch keyboards via the language bar.

The TSF addin allows you to edit text - Keyman can read the context from Word (or other TSF-aware applications). For this reason, we recommend using it. It should also run somewhat faster than the standard Keyman input methods.


(1) Read the topic entitled "Text Services Framework" in the Reference section of the help file included with Keyman 6.0 for details on how to use the Text Services Framework.

(2) You can also uninstall the Text Services Framework addin from Keyman Configuration if you decide you don't want to use it. It can be uninstalled from the Addins page in Keyman Configuration

Applies to:

  • Keyman 6.2