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HOWTO: set up Yahoo Messenger to accept Unicode input from Keyman

NOTE: This archived documentation has not been updated recently and may contain information that is no longer relevant

By default, Yahoo Messenger does not accept Unicode input from Keyman Desktop or from Windows keyboards.


The Keyman Desktop RichEdit addin can be configured to work with Yahoo Messenger's Input Window. This will allow Keyman Desktop Unicode keyboards to work within Yahoo Messenger. However, Windows Unicode keyboards will not work.

  1. Make sure that the RichEdit addin is installed in Keyman Configuration. If it is not installed, then you should re-run the Keyman Installer and select the RichEdit addin for installation.
  2. inst_km_yim.exe is no longer available for download.
  3. Close down Keyman Desktop and restart it.

Unicode Keyman Desktop keyboards should now work with Yahoo Messenger's chat window.

Applies to:

  • Keyman 6.0
  • Keyman 6.2
  • Keyman Desktop Corporate 7.0
  • Keyman Desktop Light 7.0
  • Keyman Desktop Professional 7.0