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HOWTO: Add a KeymanWeb Subscription to a Blogger blog

NOTE: This archived documentation has not been updated recently and may contain information that is no longer relevant

After you have created a KeymanWeb Subscription, you will need to visit the KeymanWeb Get HTML page and copy the highlighted HTML integration code to your clipboard.

  • In your blog preferences, click the Edit Layout tab, and click on one of the Add a Page Element links.
  • Find the element titled "HTML/JavaScript (Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog)" and click Add to Blog
  • In the Content Frame of the Configure HTML/JavaScript page that appears, paste the KeymanWeb integration code, and click Save
  • Back in the Edit Layout tab, click Save to save changes to the layout.

KeymanWeb should now be enabled on your blog for text fields in the blog.

Applies to:

  • KeymanWeb 1.0