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HOWTO: Disable the Keyman Desktop Light setup bootstrapper and install Keyman without it

NOTE: This archived documentation has not been updated recently and may contain information that is no longer relevant

If you are having trouble installing Keyman Desktop Light because of a problem with the Keyman Desktop setup bootstrapper, the steps bellow will allow you to disable the bootstrapper and install Keyman Desktop Professional without it. (For more information about the bootstrapper, see KMKB0035).

  • Download Keyman Desktop Light to your Windows Desktop.

  • Pull up a command prompt. To do so:

    • From the Start menu, open the program Run. Run is sometimes found in the Accessories folder of All Programs.
    • Type “cmd” and click OK.
  • On the first command prompt line (which should start with something like "C:..." and end with ">") type the words "cd Desktop" and press enter.

  • At the new command prompt line, type "keymandesktoplight- -x ." and press enter. Except, be careful to:

    • Instead of, type the actual Keyman version number you are installing. (For the current Keyman version number, click here).
    • Type everything else exactly as shown, with a space before "-x" and a space after, followed by a period. If you don't include both spaces, the program may still have installation problems.
  • The program will now extract to your desktop.

  • Return to the desktop and click to begin installation of the program titled keymandesktoplight70.msi.

At this point, Keyman Desktop Light should be up and running on your system.

Applies to:

  • Keyman Desktop Light 7.0