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HOWTO: Configure SIL Toolbox, Keyman, and Windows keyboards optimally

NOTE: This archived documentation has not been updated recently and may contain information that is no longer relevant

SIL Toolbox includes automatic keyboard switching for its languages. However, due to the way keyboards are selected in Toolbox, you cannot use Keyman Configuration's Languages tab to link Keyman keyboards to the Windows languages you are using. The following instructions should help.

In these instructions, we are using the SIL IPA Unicode keyboard and linking it to the Icelandic language. Substitute these names accordingly when you are configuring your own keyboards.

  • (Desktop Pro only) Remove the Keyman Desktop Text Services Framework Add-in. Toolbox does not work with the Text Services Framework correctly. To remove the Add-in:

    1. Start Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs (this is now called Programs and Features in Vista)
    2. Find Tavultesoft Keyman Desktop and click Change.
    3. Click Next, then Change in the install wizard that appears.
    4. Expand the Addins node and change the setting for Text Services Framework Addin to Uninstall or Not Installed
    5. Click Next to apply the changes
    6. Note: until you restart Windows, the Addin may still be visible in some aspects of the Windows user interface.
  • Add the SIL IPA Unicode Keyman keyboard as a System Shadow Keyboard (the SIL IPA Unicode Keyman keyboard must be installed for all users - if it isn't you must uninstall the SIL IPA Unicode Keyman keyboard and reinstall it for all users - this is a Windows requirement in order for the SIL IPA Unicode Keyman keyboard to be visible in the list of Windows keyboards):

    1. Right-click on the Language Bar and select Settings.
    2. Click Add, select Icelandic, expand the Keyboards node, and select Show More.
    3. Select SIL IPA Unicode from the expanded list of keyboards and click OK.
    4. Click OK again to save changes.
  • In Toolbox, configure your language settings:

    1. Click Project, Language Encodings
    2. Select the language you wish to link, and click Modify.
    3. Click Options, and in the Keyboard combo box, select SIL IPA Unicode
    4. Click OK, Close to save changes

Applies to:

  • Keyman Desktop Light 7.0
  • Keyman Desktop Professional 7.0