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Keyman Product Name Changes - Nov 2013

NOTE: This archived documentation has not been updated recently and may contain information that is no longer relevant

With the release of Keyman for iPhone and iPad, a number of existing Tavultesoft products have had name changes in order to make them easier to identify and more consistent.

This document lists the name changes.

New NameOld Name
Keyman DesktopKeyman Desktop
Keyman DeveloperKeyman Developer
Keyman Developer Branding PackKeyman Engine for Desktop
KeymanWebSplit into Keyman Engine for Web and
KeymanWeb SubscriptionKeyman Engine for Web Cloud Services
KeymanWeb ProfessionalKeyman Engine for Web Intranet, Keyman Engine for Web High Volume
KeymanTouch iOSKeyman for iPhone and iPad, or Keyman for iPhone, or Keyman for iPad
KeymanTouch Engine iOSKeyman Engine for iPhone and iPad
KeymanTouch AndroidKeyman for Android
KeymanTouch Engine AndroidKeyman Engine for Android
KeymanWeb BookmarkletKeyman Bookmarklet
KeymanWeb WordPress PluginKeyman for WordPress
KeymanWeb Wikipedia PluginKeyman for Wikipedia

In existing documentation and older site content which has not yet been updated, the old names may still be referred to. Where you have a license to the older product, your license remains the same - it is simply the product name that has been clarified.