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WARNING: Keyman Desktop / Keyman Developer pre-release alpha 14.0.29 through 14.0.44 can cause data loss

The pre-release alpha versions of Keyman Desktop and Keyman Developer, versions 14.0.29 through 14.0.44 can cause data loss.

If you are using these versions of Keyman Desktop or Keyman Developer, we recommend uninstalling them immediately and installing 14.0.48 or later release.

Update 2020-04-09: Version 14.0.48 availability

Version 14.0.48 is now available which addresses this issue. This version is still a pre-release alpha version and the normal caveats in use apply. Please see for details.


Keyman 14.0 will be incorporating a new error-reporting solution called Sentry. This is a powerful cross-platform error monitoring system, ideal for Keyman's complex multi-platform requirements. Unfortunately, during development we uncovered a serious bug in the library that can result in data loss. We have reported this issue to the developers and expect a resolution to be provided shortly.

We believe it to be likely that this bug would not manifest in normal circumstances on end user computers, because the library would not have the necessary permissions to delete files and folders in a standard installation of Keyman. However, out of an abundance of caution, we have opted to remove these versions from the Keyman download server.