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Step 4: Compile the lexical model

Before use the lexical model, we must compile it. In this step, the .tsv wordlist and the model definition file get compiled into a single .model.js file. This file is the one that Keyman uses internally to generate suggestions. Later on, we will bundle the .model.js file into a lexical model package so that Keyman apps can install the lexical model.

Models tab

In Keyman Developer project view, select the "Models" tab.

The “Project - Models” tab in Keyman Developer

Click on the Build models button to compile the lexical model. The Message window will display the results of the compilation. If you have no typing errors, the lexical model should compile successfully. If successful, this will create a .model.js file in a build subdirectory of the lexical model project directory.

Next steps

This concludes the lexical model tutorial. Here's what's next: