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(image: Keyman icon)Registering Keyman Developer

Registering Keyman Developer

Payment of registration fee is required for use of Tavultesoft Keyman Developer. You may evaluateKeyman Developer for 30 days before registering, but you maynot distribute any files created with Keyman Developer, or useany keyboards created with an unregistered version of KeymanDeveloper after this 30 day period unless you register.

Registration Costs

Keyman Developer 6.2 comes in two editions: standard and professional. The Standard edition costsUS$69. The Professional edition costs US$149 and includes several features not present in the Standardedition, including a debugger, support for projects, regression testing, custom images in packages,input method extensions, and unicode character names. Note that upgrade, educational, or other discounts may apply.

How to pay

The easiest way to register is via the registration wizard. Choose Help, Register, and follow theprompts onscreen to choose the edition you wish to purchase and other options. This will take you to ouronline store, where you can pay by credit card in US Dollars, Euros, and some other currencies.

You can also register Keyman Developer online at alternate formsof payment, or large orders, please contact Tavultesoft

Entering your registration code

After registering, you will receive a registration code from Tavultesoft. You must enter this code into theregistration dialog. You can access the registration dialog by going to Help,then clicking Register, and going to step 4.Enter your registration details (Name, Organisation and Registration Code) into the appropriatetext fields, and select Ok. Keyman Developer will then be registered.Note that if you purchased a standard edition registration, some of the Professional features that were availableduring evaluation will no longer be active.