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Unicode and Other Files

With Keyman Developer 6.2, you can now edit text files containing Unicodecharacters encoded as UTF-8 and UTF-16. One major consequence to this isthat keyboard source files can now contain Unicode characters, instead ofhaving to use U+xxxx codes to represent them (although the U+xxxx codesare still supported, and perhaps better in some circumstances).

You can convert a file between the standard ANSI encoding, UTF-8, and UTF-16using the file format dropdown list on the toolbar. Note that any Unicodecharacters in the file will be lost if it is converted to ANSI.

Keyman Developer 6.2 also adds the ability to create and edit XML and HTMLdocuments, with syntax highlighting to easily distinguish the different partsof the files. This is intended primarily for editing HTML Readme files forkeyboards, but is not limited to that. Note that XML and HTML documents can alsobe saved as UTF-8 or UTF-16.