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Model result API 1.0 Specification

Model result mode

Documents the<model_id> endpoint.


  • model_id
    The identifier of the model to return


A valid response will return a single model_info object, for example:

  "license": "mit",
  "languages": [
  "description": "Amharic Lexical Model derived from the UniLex word list for Amharic.",
  "id": "",
  "name": "GFF Amharic Lexical Model",
  "authorName": "Ge'ez Frontier Foundation",
  "authorEmail": "",
  "lastModifiedDate": "2022-08-31T19:08:07.624Z",
  "packageFilename": "",
  "packageFileSize": 1187671,
  "jsFilename": "",
  "jsFileSize": 9757475,
  "packageIncludes": [],
  "version": "1.0",
  "minKeymanVersion": "12.0",
  "sourcePath": "release/gff/"

If no model is found, or a server error occurs, a JSON object will be returned with the error, and with the HTTP response code 404 or 500, for example:

  "message": "Model not found"

Search mode

Documents the<search> search endpoint.


  • search: A search string. There are two prefixes available:

    • id: search for a single model by identifier, which will be an exact match. This result is identical to the metadata endpoint, except it will be in an array, and non-matches will be an empty array rather than an error.

    • bcp47: search for models that exactly match the BCP 47 tag.

    • All other searches are case-insensitive substring searches on model id, model name or model description


A valid response will return an array of matching model_info objects.

Version History

  • 1.0, 2018-01-01
    Initial version