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IKeyman Interface


The IKeyman interface is the top-level interface for the Keyman Engine for Windows API. The IKeyman interface can be instantiated with the CoKeyman coclass; it will also be returned from a call to CreateObject("kmcomapi.Keyman").

Interface Hierarchy



Determines whether settings changes are applied to Keyman Engine automatically as they are made.
Control read only
Returns an IKeymanControl interface that provides methods for controlling the Keyman process and user interface.
Errors read only
Returns an IKeymanErrors interface that lists errors that the API incurred when undertaking various processes.
Hotkeys read only
Returns an IKeymanHotkeys interface that lists all of the configured interface hotkeys.
Keyboards read only
Returns an IKeymanKeyboardsInstalled interface that lists all of the currently installed Keyman keyboards.
Languages read only
Returns an IKeymanLanguages interface that lists all of the currently avilable Windows languages and input methods.
Options read only
Returns an IKeymanOptions interface that lists all of the configuration settings and values for Keyman Engine.
Packages read only
Returns an IKeymanPackagesInstalled interface that lists all of the currently installed Keyman packages.
SystemInfo read only
Returns an IKeymanSystemInfo interface that describes the current system configuration.


Apply all settings changes to Keyman Engine.
Refresh the snapshot of keyboards and settings which is captured when the object is instantiated.



This example can be saved with a .vbs extension to run through Windows Scripting. This is similar to the uninstall script that Keyman Desktop generates for packages which have a Start Menu Uninstall entry.

dim kmcom, package
Set kmcom = CreateObject("keymanapi.Keyman")
n = kmcom.Packages.IndexOf("SamplePackage")
if n >= 0 then
  Set package = kmcom.Packages(n)
  if msgbox("Uninstall package "+package.Description+"?", vbOKCancel, "Keyman Desktop") = vbOK then
  end if
  msgbox "The package SamplePackage could not be found."
end if