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IKeymanKeyboardLanguageInstalled2::FindInstallationLangID Method


The IKeymanKeyboardLanguageInstalled2::FindInstallationLangID method finds a LANGID for the language, which can then be passed into IKeymanKeyboardLanguageInstalled2::RegisterTip and IKeymanKeyboardLanguageInstalled2::InstallTip to complete registration.

If the BCP 47 tag does not have a corresponding system LANGID, then Windows will allocate one of four transient LANGIDs to the tag. These LANGIDs can differ between systems. In this situation, Windows installs a temporary placeholder system keyboard which Keyman then replaces as it completes the installation process.


bool FindInstallationLangID(long* LangID, string* TemporaryKeyboardID, bool *RegistrationRequired, tagKeymanInstallFlags Flags);


On success, this is filled with the corresponding LANGID.
On success, and if the kifInstallTransientLanguage flag is specified, this may contain a string which should be passed to InstallTip to be replaced with the Keyman keyboard. Internally, this string conforms to the Windows API InstallLayoutorTip format.
If True, a call to RegisterTip will be required to complete installation of this language, as Keyman is not currently registered for this language with the Text Services Framework.
Can be 0 or kifInstallTransientLanguage. If kifInstallTransientLanguage is specified, then Keyman will install a transient language (Windows 8 or later) for BCP 47 tags that do not have a corresponding system LANGID.


Returns True if a corresponding LANGID was found.

See also

Installs a registered language profile (persists over reboot) for the current user.
Registers a language profile in Text Services Framework for this language (requires elevation).