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Keyman Engine for Desktop Distribution Tutorial

Step 1: Choose the distribution licence and branding
Step 2: Select files for distribution
Step 3: Fill in details about the distribution
Step 4: Create shortcuts
Step 5: Compile your distribution

The distribution editor provides tools to create an installer for your product, using industry-standard Windows Installer (.msi) technology. The installer embeds your keyboards, your product customisation and the Keyman Engine for a simple installation experience, and supports upgrades, patches and even complex deployment requirements for large organisations.

When you are creating a shareware-licensed product, the distribution editor also adds copy protection to your keyboards and product file during the compilation process.

The distribution editor creates a WiX source file that you can extend and compile yourself using the WiX tools. Although the Distribution Editor hides much of the detail of creating an MSI installer, an understanding of both WiX and MSI will be useful.

  • Learn more about WiX at: In particular, the tutorial is very helpful in gaining an understanding of the principles behind WiX and Windows Installer.
  • Learn more about Windows Installer at: and Wikipedia.

Let's get started. Open the Project window in Keyman Developer, select the Distribution tab, and click New Distribution. Enter a filename, for example, qfrench.kpp, and click OK.

Step 1: Choose the distribution licence and branding