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IKeymanLanguage Interface


The IKeymanLanguage interface lists a Windows input method entry.

Interface Hierarchy



BCP47Code read only
Returns a BCP 47 code for the Windows language, on operating systems that support it.
HKL read only
Returns a Windows HKL for the input method.
Controls the current hotkey that will activate the keyboard layout with the selected language.
KeymanKeyboardLanguage read only
Returns a IKeymanKeyboardLanguageInstalled reference for the Keyman keyboard language entry that this entry is associated with.
LangID read only
Returns a Windows LANGID for the Windows language.
LayoutName read only
Returns the display name of the input method.
LocaleName read only
Returns the display name of the language.
ProfileGUID read only
Returns the profile GUID associated with the Text Services Framework (TSF) Text Input Processor (TIP) installed for this keyboard, for this language.