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LanguageResource protocol


The LanguageResource protocol and the types that implement it (InstallableKeyboard and InstallableLexicalModel) represent keyboards and lexical models installed within Keyman Engine.

Generally speaking, this is a lower-level type than LanguageResourceFullID, requiring extra metadata only discovered during installation from a resource's package and only used internally within Keyman Engine.




The LanguageResource protocol is the base type used to represent specific types of installed resources within Keyman Engine, paired with their target languages. Both InstallableKeyboard and InstallableLexicalModel implement this protocol, allowing methods to be written that can handle either resource type. Also note the existence of AnyLanguageResource, which serves a "type erasure" role for classes implementing this protocol.

Important note: multiple copies of LanguageResource for the same underlying resource will exist if that resource has been installed for use with multiple languages. One instance will exist per target language that was selected for installation.

Associated Types

FullID: LanguageResourceFullID

The LanguageResourceFullID type used to uniquely identify the resource, comprised of the resource's ID, type, and paired language code. Frequently used within the engine as a unique identifier for the resource in searches and comparisons.

Package: KeymanPackage

The derived type of KeymanPackage supporting this type of resource.

For example, InstallableKeyboard.Package == KeyboardKeymanPackage.


id: String

The resource's internal name. This must be unique among all resources of the same type and follows standard unique ID constraints: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and underscores only.

name: String

The resource's external name, as displayed to users.

languageID: String

One language paired with this resource during installation.

packageID: String?

The ID of the resource's source package. Is 'optional' for legacy reasons.


The unique identifier for the resource's source package.

version: String

The resource's installed version.

sourceFilename: String

The filename of the package component used internally within Keyman Engine to load the resource.


A unique identifier used in language resource searches and comparisons.


While the classes that implement the protocol existed before this, the protocol itself was added in Keyman Engine for iPhone and iPad 14.0.

See Also


Represents packages containing language resources.


Unique identifiers used in language resource searches and comparisons.