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What is a Keyboard?

When using KeymanWeb, the term keyboard refers specifically to the way the keys are arranged for a specific language (i.e. which letter or character appears when a given key is pressed). While many languages use a keyboard based on the English-language QWERTY layout, those that have a different writing system altogether usually have a completely unrelated keyboard. Some languages also have more than one keyboard layout; a typewriter-based layout and a phonetic layout, for example.

The keyboards available for use with KeymanWeb have been developed by a wide range of people all over the world. Some keyboards adhere to published standards while others have been developed to meet a specific requirement. Keyman Developer has been used to develop the keyboards.

Information on Specific Keyboards

KeymanWeb supports a very wide range of languages, and many keyboards available for use with KeymanWeb include features specific to particular languages. Because of this, each keyboard has its own documentation, which is included with the On-Screen Keyboard. Although the level of detail in this documentation does vary somewhat, depending on the designer and the requirements of each keyboard, this is the first place to look for information on using a particular language with KeymanWeb.

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