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Keyman Developer Training Videos

Keyman Developer Features

These videos give a walkthrough on some improvements to Keyman Developer.

Keyman Developer 15

Keyman Developer 14

These videos are part of the Keyman 14 Launch Event

Keyman Developer Online Workshop Videos (Feb 2020)

These videos comprise the seminar sessions of our Online Workshop held in February 2020.

Participants also engaged in a 2 hour interactive workshop daily where they worked on their keyboard layouts with focused support from the Keyman trainers. The interactive workshops are not included here.

If you would like to be involved in a future workshop, let us know in the Keyman Community

Workshop Videos by Topic

Day 1 - Introduction and principles of keyboard design

Day 2 - Designing a physical layout in Keyman Developer

Day 3 - Touch layouts and predictive text

Day 4 - Distributing keyboard layouts

Day 5 - Promoting and wrap up

Workshop Videos by Day

Keyman Developer 10 Training Videos (March 2018)

These Keyman Developer 10 videos are from a 2-day training Workshop held in March 2018.

Day 1

Day 2

Other Videos