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ᑐᑊᘁᗕᑋᗸ Keyboard Help

This keyboard is designed for the ᑐᑊᘁᗕᑋᗸ language of the BC Interior region of Canada.

If square boxes are displayed instead of characters when using this keyboard (and in the keyboard layouts below), please read our troubleshooting guide.

Desktop Layout

  • The ᑐᑊᘁᗕᑋᗸ (Dakelh / Dulk'wah ke) keyboard is a "build-a-syllable" keyboard. The syllabics are typed by entering their Latin equivalents. The syllabics are typed by entering their Latin equivalents. See this document for all the special key combinations.
    • ᑐᘅᘓᙆ is typed as "duneyaz"
    • ᗘᑔᒡᘀᐉᑋ is typed as "whudilhk'aih"
  • There are some exceptions, which are listed below:
    • is typed "ca"
    • is typed "c'oo"
    • can be typed using "t" or "d["
    • + is typed as SHIFT + r
      • + will change to r when combinined with a vowel.
  • The glottal marker is typed using the Semi-Colon Key ;
  • The combined asterix can be typed SHIFT + 8
  • In the case of letter combinations that may be confused as one syllable, type the left bracket key [ to keep the syllables separate
    • ᙐᒡᣟᐊᐉ would be typed "sulh[ai"
  • The default layer shows most of the base syllablics in their "a" orientation.
    • The first character in a cell is the "one-tap" key, any further characters are "hold-select" keys.
    • Tap on a syllable to show other orientations: a u e i o oo:
      • Tapping on the ᐊ will show all of the vowel orientations, which can then be selected.
      • ᑋᘁᙚ|
        #langspace. ᐧ ᕯ
      • The initial a form of a syllable that is typed when tapping on the base key will be replaced by the selected orientation.
      • If there is an associated final, it will appear above the Backspace key when the "a" orientation of a syllabic is selected.
        • Note : the full set of finals can always be accessed by tapping the ᑋᘁᙚ key.
  • The | and keys are modifying keys. Tapping on either key will show other related forms of the syllabics shown on the default layer.:
    • |

      #🌐space. ᐧ ᕯ
    • ᑋᘁᙚ|
      #🌐space. ᐧ ᕯ

    Syllable Finals (ᑋᘁᙚ)

    #🌐space. ᐧ ᕯ
    • You can return to the default layer by tapping on either | or
  • Your device’s font may not differentiate fully between syllabic “s” ᔆ and “sh” ᙚ

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