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HOWTO: Download a single keyboard folder from the Keyboards repository

The Keyman keyboards repository is very large, and downloading the entire repository may be time consuming and on unstable Internet connections, difficult to achieve.

See Keyman Cloud Keyboard Repository for details on how to work with the Keyboards repository.

This KB article lists one possible way to download just a single keyboard folder. First, locate the keyboard folder you wish to download from Keyman's Keyboard Repository.

In this article, we'll be downloading the SIL IPA keyboard at Keyman's SIL IPA Keyboard folder.

Use a web site to download a zip file

The website allows you to download a single folder from GitHub.

This will download a ZIP file containing the folder which you can extract onto your computer.

Note that you may want to change the default name of the ZIP file ("keymanapp keyboards master" in this example) to something else ("" for example) when downloading the file.

Note also that attempting to download a large keyboard (or group of keyboards) may fail due to the large size.