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HOWTO: Find fonts that work with your Keyman Desktop keyboard

NOTE: This archived documentation has not been updated recently and may contain information that is no longer relevant

Keyman Desktop's Font Helper tool will help you find fonts that work with your language. Here's how:

  1. Open Keyman Desktop.
  2. Open the Keyman menu (from the 'K' icon on the Windows taskbar, near the clock).
  3. Click On Screen Keyboard. This opens the On Screen Keyboard toolbar.
  4. Click the Font Helper icon on the toolbar (hover over the icons for their names).
  5. Select the keyboard you want to use, from the On Screen Keyboard toolbar or the Keyman menu.

The Font Helper tool will now display a list of fonts that work with your keyboard. Each font also has a percentage. This percentage indicates how well the font will work with your keyboard. You do not need 100% coverage for a font to work well with your keyboard, but higher percentages are preferable.

Note: The Font Helper tool cannot tell you which fonts will look best for your language. It can only tell you which fonts support the letters and other characters of your Keyman keyboard. From the fonts recommended by the Font Helper tool, use your judgement to find the font best suited to your project or language.

Applies to:

  • Keyman Desktop Corporate 7.0
  • Keyman Desktop Light 7.0
  • Keyman Desktop Professional 7.0