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(image: Keyman icon) Keyman Developer

What is Keyman Developer?

Keyman Developer is a program with which you can create keyboards for use with Keyman. Some of the major features Keyman Developer includes are:

  • Creation of Keyman 6.2 keyboards and packages
  • Keyboard wizard for quick construction of simple keyboards
  • Integrated keyboard testing and debugging facilities
  • Visual keyboard editor
  • Keyboard design tutorials and help
  • Powerful keyboard design programming language

Although earlier versions of Keyman included most of the functionality of Keyman Developer, with version 5.0 it was made into a separate application, which both simplifies Keyman deployment and reduces the size of Keyman.

With version 6.0, Keyman Developer became available in two editions: Standard and Professional.

How can I obtain Keyman Developer?

Keyman Developer is a shareware product, and can be downloaded from the Keyman Developer website for evaluation. After a trial period of 30 days, you must either register Keyman Developer or remove it from your computer. See the documentation accompanying Keyman Developer for details about registering it.