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kmc API Reference

kmc is implemented in Typescript as a set of compiler modules. Each module has a public API, documented in in the corresponding repository folder.

This section is intended for software developers who want to integrate kmc into their own toolchains. For documentation on using kmc, see kmc command line compiler.


Module Name NPM Package GitHub Source Description
kmc @keymanapp/kmc GitHub The official command-line interface for all of the various compilers in Keyman Developer.
kmc-analyze @keymanapp/kmc-analyze GitHub Provides Keyman keyboard analysis tools.
kmc-keyboard-info @keymanapp/kmc-keyboard-info GitHub Builds a .keyboard_info file from a Keyman keyboard project.
kmc-kmn @keymanapp/kmc-kmn GitHub Builds .kmn keyboards into .kmx binary keyboard files.
kmc-ldml @keymanapp/kmc-ldml GitHub Builds LDML .xml keyboards into Keyman .kmx binary keyboard files.
kmc-model @keymanapp/kmc-model GitHub Builds .model.ts lexical models into .model.js files.
kmc-model-info @keymanapp/kmc-model-info GitHub Builds a .model_info file from a Keyman lexical model project.
kmc-package @keymanapp/kmc-package GitHub Builds .kps Keyman package source files into binary .kmp Keyman package files.