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    PackageWebViewController class


    The PackageWebViewController class is used to display web pages contained within packages, ejecting any links outside the package into an external browser.


    class PackageWebViewController: UIViewController


    The PackageWebViewController class is used to display .html contents bundled within packages. Links that lead outside the package are supported, but will be opened externally.

    At this time, we directly support opening two types of common pages: .readme and .welcome. We also provide .custom(bundledPath: String) to allow use of any custom pages you may wish to embed within your packages for use within your app.


    public init?(for package: KeymanPackage, page: KeymanPackagePage
    Retrieves the corresponding page from the package and prepares a view to display it.


    Added in Keyman Engine for iPhone and iPad 14.0.

    See Also

    Retrieves a URL for a .html page contained within a package.