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Switching Between Keyboards - Keyman for Android Help

Switching Between Keyboards

To switch keyboards, follow these steps:

Step 1) With the keyboard visible, touch the globe key:

This will bring up a list of all currently installed languages (the default is English EuroLatin (SIL)). If you have already downloaded additional languages, they will appear here. Simply select them and the keyboard will re-appear with the new language.


To switch between languages while using an external keyboard (i.e. a bluetooth keyboard), a quick and easy way is to use a hotkey combination. Press and hold Ctrl and then press Tab. You should then see the same listing of languages/keyboards. Tap on any available language of your choice.

Alternate Step for System Keyboard

The Keyman system keyboard has an additional CLOSE KEYMAN button at the bottom left of the "Keyboards" menu. Pushing this button will close Keyman and switch to the next non-Keyman system keyboard.