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Editor Window

Editor windows in Keyman Developer supports standard Windows editing keystrokes. Some file formats, including .kmn, .kps, .kpp, .xml, .html, .js and .json, support syntax highlighting. Syntax highlighting for .kmn formats can be modified in Tools|Options.

Special Functionality

Aside from standard Windows keys, the following keystrokes are defined for the editor:

Keystroke Action
Ctrl + Shift + number Set a bookmark at the current line
Ctrl + number Move cursor to bookmark position
Alt + selection key/mouse Box selection functionality
Insert Toggle between insert and overwrite mode
Ctrl + Shift + M Toggle Message Window visibility
Ctrl + Shift + C Open Character Map
Ctrl + Shift + I Toggle Character Identifier visibility
Ctrl + F, Ctrl + Shift + F Find text
Ctrl + H, Ctrl + Shift + H Replace text
Ctrl + Shift + U Convert the selection to/from characters to code values