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Lexical Model Package Tutorial

Step 1: What do we include?
Step 2: Editing .htm files for the Package
Step 3: Checking a package and adding files
Step 4: Filling in package details
Step 5: Compiling, testing and distributing a Package


Welcome! In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a lexical model package. A package is a collection of files, compressed into a single file, just like a ZIP file. It is designed to make installation of a lexical model straightforward for the end user. When done, Keyman for mobile apps can download and install lexical models through the package.

We will be creating a package for the SENĆOŦEN lexical model that was made in Developing a lexical model from a word list.

Let's begin

Let's get started! Move on to the next topic to begin the first step, choosing what to include in the package.

Step 1: What do we include?