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What's new in Keyman Developer 17.0

Keyman Developer 17 has a number of significant changes:

  • kmcomp has been removed and replaced with kmc. Learn more in our kmcomp migration guide.

  • Windows installer packages should now be built with kmc build windows-package-installer and can no longer be built within the Keyman Developer IDE. More details on how to use this are in the kmc reference documentation.

  • .keyboard_info files are now generated entirely from the package and keyboard files. Extra fields are available in packages for license file, welcome file, typing examples, related packages (including deprecated packages), and additional font files. Keyboards in the Keyman Cloud keyboard repository have already been updated; if you are an author of one of these keyboards, you should pull the changes from the repository before submitting future updates.

  • Keyboard project files (.kpj) now have a new format which does not list individual files, but instead includes all files in the same folder and subfolders relative to the project file. This prevents projects from including unrelated files, and reduces the number of files that change when keyboards are updated.

  • Keyman Developer will now open each project in a new window, allowing the user to rapidly switch between multiple projects at the same time.

  • The Keyman Keyboard and Lexical Model Cloud repositories have new build scripts which run kmc. These run much, much faster than previously!

  • The &displayMap store allows keyboard developers to specify a font mapping to PUA for the On Screen Keyboard and Touch Layout to resolve diacritic rendering issues.

  • Keyman Developer has been updated to support Unicode 15.1.

  • Additional non-printing characters have been added to the Touch Layout Editor.

  • Virtual keys in output of rules have never worked properly or been officially supported; Keyman Developer will now warn if you attempt to use this pattern.