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The TypedKeymanPackage.installables(forLanguage:) method enumerates all resources and language pairings supported by the current package for the specified language code.


TypedKeymanPackage.installables(forLanguage:) -> [ TypedLanguageResource ]


forLanguage: String
A BCP-47 language code.


An array of InstallableKeyboard (for a KeyboardKeymanPackage) or InstallableLexicalModel (for a LexicalModelKeymanPackage) instances.

For most packages, there will only be a single entry in this array. However, note that multi-keyboard packages may support multiple keyboards for the same target language.


Added in Keyman Engine for iPhone and iPad 14.0.

See also

findResource(withID:) -> TypedLanguageResource?
Returns the resource matching the specified ID, if contained within the package.
installables: [[ TypedLanguageResource ]]
Returns a list of all resources & language pairings supported by this package.