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The KeymanPackage.installableResourceSets field enumerates all resources and language pairings supported by the current package.


KeymanPackage.installableResourceSets: [[ AnyLanguageResource ]]


The two dimensional array may be interpreted as follows:

Some legacy keyboard packages may support multiple keyboards. This index enumerates the unique keyboards (or lexical models) contained within the package.
Some resources support multiple languages. For example, Keyman's default keyboard - sil_euro_latin There will be one entry for each language supported by the resource.
The indexed value
AnyLanguageResource is a Swift "type erasure" that may represent either an InstallableKeyboard or an InstallableLexicalModel, each of which enumerates the metadata needed for the Keyman engine to properly load and use the resource.

These objects typically include data about the needed fonts, underlying language codes, and resource identifiers.


Added in Keyman Engine for iPhone and iPad 14.0.

See also

KeyboardKeymanPackage.installables: [[ InstallableKeyboard ]]
The equivalent field for keyboard packages.
LexicalModelKeymanPackage.installables: [[ InstallableLexicalModel ]]
The equivalent field for lexical model packages.
installableResources(forLanguage: String): [ AnyLanguageResource ]
Provides the same functionality as this field, but filtered to a specific language code.