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The TypedKeymanPackage.findResource(withID:) method allows direct lookup of a resource's metadata.


TypedKeymanPackage.findResource(withID:) -> TypedLanguageResource?


withID: TypedLanguageResource.FullID
The unique identifier for the desired keyboard or lexical model and target language.


An InstallableKeyboard (for a KeyboardKeymanPackage) or InstallableLexicalModel (for a LexicalModelKeymanPackage).

May be nil if no resource matching the specified ID is found within the package.


Added in Keyman Engine for iPhone and iPad 14.0.

See also

installables: [[ TypedLanguageResource ]]
Returns a list of all resources & language pairings supported by this package.
installables(forLanguage: String): [ TypedLanguageResource ]
Provides the same functionality as the field above, but filtered to a specific language code.