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Automatic Linking

This page shows how to include a local keyboard from an arbitrary location in your website's file structure.

In this example, we use only the LaoKey keyboard.

Code Walkthrough

  <!-- Start of Code -->
  <script src="js/keymanweb.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    window.addEventListener('load', function () {
      keyman.init().then(function() {
          name:'Lao (Phonetic)',
  <!-- End of Code -->

As you can see above, the second line in the code snippet above references the LaoKey keyboard loader JavaScript file. This is a small stub file, typically less than 200 bytes, that defines the name and actual location of the real keyboard file (in this case, laokeys.js). When a page may reference many keyboards, this saves downloading potentially hundreds of kilobytes of unused Javascript keyboards - the keyboard is downloaded when it is first selected by the user.

API References

On initialization: keyman.init().

On including keyboards: keyman.addKeyboards().

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