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What's New

Here are some of the new features we have added to Keyman for Linux 17.0:

  • Keyman for Linux now fully works with the Wayland compositor (#4273). Previously the full functionality only worked with the X11 display server.
  • Slightly modified the UI of km-config. The new Options tab allows to disable automatic error reporting to
  • Added Mon localization (#9550).
  • It is now possible to specify an arbitrary language tag when installing a keyboard package from the command line (#8598). Previously this only worked for the language tags listed in the keyboard package.
  • Keyman for Linux now supports the upcoming Ubuntu 24.04 Noble LTS in addition to Ubuntu 23.10 Mantic, Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy LTS and Ubuntu 20.04 Focal LTS. Note: This will be last version that supports Ubuntu 20.04 Focal.
  • Keyman Core on Linux supports full normalization for LDML keyboard output (#10390).
  • Renamed the mysterious libkmnkbp0-0 package to the clearer libkeymancore1. Cleanup of the API.