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Keyman Configuration - Options Tab

Keyman Configuration Options

If you select the Options tab on the Keyman Configuration window, you will see that there are two configuration options that affect the general behavior of Keyman, regardless of which keyboard is active:

  • Always show on-screen keyboard: If this option is ticked, the on-screen keyboard will be displayed automatically whenever Keyman becomes the active input source.

  • Use verbose Console logging: If this option is ticked, advanced troubleshooting information will be sent to the system log. If the Keyman development team is assisting you to resolve a problem, they might instruct you to enable this option so you can supply them with a log of important debugging messages from Keyman. You can view this log information yourself using the Console utility, by filtering to show only messages from the Keyman process (although it probably won't be very meaningful to you unless you are a computer programmer and you are looking at the Keyman for macOS source code). Console is a log viewer developed by Apple Inc. and included with macOS.

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