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Package Tutorial

Step 1: What do we include?
Step 2: Creating Additional Files for the Package
Step 3: Creating a package and adding files
Step 4: Filling in package details
Step 5: Shortcuts
Step 6: Compiling, testing and distributing a Package


Welcome! In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a package. A package is a collection of files, compressed into a single file, just like a ZIP file. It is designed to make installation of keyboards, fonts and related documentation straightforward for the end user. When done, the package can be installed into Keyman Desktop through a simple dialog. Keyman for mobile apps can also download and install keyboards through the keyboard package.

We will be creating a Khmer Angkor package. You can make your own package based on the Quick French keyboard from the keyboard tutorial.

Let's begin

Let's get started! Move on to the next topic to begin the first step, choosing what to include in the package.

Step 1: What do we include?