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kmlmi - Command Line Lexical Model model_info Compiler

kmlmi merges Keyman lexical model .model_info files. It is intended for use within the keymanapp/lexical-models repository. kmlmi is also available via npm.

Installation via npm

First, install nodejs. Then, install with the following:

npm i @keymanapp/developer-lexical-model-compiler

Compiler mode

The following parameters are available:

Usage: kmlmi <infile> -o, --outFile <filename>
    [-m, --model <model_id>] -s, --source <sourceFilename> [--kpsFilename <kpsFilename>]
    [--kmpFilename <kmpFilename>] [--jsFilename <jsFilename>]

General compiler parameters

A .model_info source file. Required in compiler mode.
-o, --outFile <filename>
Where to save the resultant file.
-m, --model <model_id>
model id. Defaults to basename of input file sans .model_info extension.
-s, --source <sourceFilename>
Path to .model.ts source of lexical model, relative to lexical-models repo root.
--kpsFilename <kpsFilename>
Path to .model.kps file. Defaults to source/<model_id>.model.kps
--kmpFilename <kmpFilename>
Path to .model.kmp file. Defaults to build/<model_id>.model.kmp.
--jsFilename <jsFilename>
Path to .model.js file. Defaults to build/<model_id>.model.js.